Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our first day in Nicaragua, Jan. 4

Our group departed Gettysburg College at the early time of 3:30AM-not much of a night´s sleep after our orientation dinner. We headed to Reagan International Airport in 2 Gettysburg vans. We arrived, checked in smoothly and headed to Miami at 7:15AM. Once at Miami, we had a 4 hour layover and, during our quest for food, learned how confusing the airport is! We departed later than scheduled, around 1:45PM and arrived in Managua at 3:30PM (4:30PM EST). After going through customs, we were greeted by one of the PGL coordinators Ofelia and her assistant for our trip Ulises. We had a bus waiting for us outside the airport and our driver for the week Don Leo loaded our luggage. We headed as a group to the hotel La Posadita del Bolonia in Managua. After settling in our hotel, Ofelia shared our 9-day itinerary and gave us some important details on aspects of Nicaraguan food. We exchanged money to Nicaraguan Córdobas (19.45$C:1$US) and headed to the restaurant.

We gorged ourself with Nicaraguan specialities ranging from beef (carne) to chicken (pollo) with appropriate sides of rice and beans (gallo pinto) and french fries (papas fritas). We celebrated 2 birthdays of our renowned delegates, Sara Kleine and C.W. Gallagher, with a mariachi band sing a Nicaraguan Happy Birthday song. When we returned from the restaurant, we immediately went to sleep after a 13-hour day full of travels!

How exciting it is to be in Nicaragua! Expect to hear more about our voyage to Nicaragua from other delegates on the trip. Hasta Luego!

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