Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the CPS-PGL blog

We welcome readers to the new Center for Public Service-Project León Gettysburg (CPS-PGL) blog. Over the past several years, Gettysburg borough has become the sister city of León Nicaragua and has been forging a partnership between these communities. Gettysburg College has been supporting this town venture at the Center for Public Service (CPS) which focuses on social justice advocacy at Gettysburg College.

One of the unique opportunities students have at Gettysburg College is to actively engage in the Gettysburg town and volunteering in communities different than our campus community. Over the past several years, many classes have engaged in the Nicaraguan community through class immersion trips, most recently during Fall Break.

Over the next several weeks before, during, and after the Winter Break Immersion Trip to León, Nicaragua, readers of this blog will learn about the immersion trip to Nicaragua from January 4-13, 2009, the projects in result of the partnership between Gettysburg and León, and many reflections from town and community leaders that have been involved with PGL in different ways.

Let's try and make this a dialogue. Please post comments and respond to the articles and postings on this blog. You can do this by clicking the "comment" link at the bottom of each post. You can also read the comments for each posting by clicking on this link.

Student Leader for CPS Immersion Trip - Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Minor: Spanish. He is a senior and is interested in pursuing interdisciplinary basic science/public health research after graduation. He studied abroad for a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina along with a stint in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and recorded his journeys on his blog, Neagley in BA. He has been involved on and off campus as an Eisenhower Fellow, Admissions tour guide and senior intern, Allies past president, Member of the Diversity Task Force, and current Fundraising Intern for Bountiful Blessings (sm). He also is a past recipient of the Silent Leader Award.